Strategic Advisory

Achieving success in China requires tailoring your business model, product or service to meet the country’s unique requirements. Often, global companies come to China and are content to compete with other, high-price and high-technology products, and do not venture into the purely local market, where quality standards and prices are significantly lower. This can be […]


Successful implementation requires having the right people on the ground in China. Building a strong local management team is one of the keys to success in the country, but it is also one of the most difficult things to do. China does not have the same legacy of treating management as a science as the […]

Access To Capital

There is no shortage of capital for good investments in China, but finding the right opportunities can be a challenge. China’s stock markets are largely off-limits to foreign investors; obtaining government approval to buy a significant stake in well-established companies is difficult; and many private companies are unavailable for investment or too small. There is […]