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The BlogChina changes constantly. What happened ten years ago is important, but not nearly as important as what happened one year ago and that is not nearly as relevant as what is happening today.

The Managing the Dragon site was established in 2007 to provide a running commentary on significant events as they occur in China. It includes insights into various industries, commentary on actions taken by the Chinese government, and a discussion of developments in China’s economy and changes in the country’s legal and business practices, all told from the perspective of those doing business on the ground.

Many of the posts on are published on and have been cited by The Wall Street Journal in its daily compilation of the “Best of the China Blogs.” Many also frequently appear on other blogsites and in print publications. For certain on-going high-profile stories, such as the intersection of the internet and the automobile industry and the developments in China’s stock market, the site has provided readers with particularly unique insights about the way in which China’s industries and economy are developing.