Aftermarket Parts and Services

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JFP Holdings has developed aftermarket strategies for a number of international and Chinese companies, including some of the largest aftermarket players in the world. Most recently, we are working with new Chinese O2O companies that are developing interesting business models that combine the internet with off line distribution. China’s auto aftermarket is one of the large untapped opportunities in its auto industry, and JFP Holdings is at the forefront of assisting Chinese and Western companies to take advantage of its development potential.

Despite the impressive development of vehicle and auto parts manufacturing in China, the aftermarket for parts and services remains at a very early stage of development. While large national parts distribution and services companies have evolved in developed economies to provide a consistent level of quality and service, China’s aftermarket for parts and services remains extremely fragmented, with hundreds of thousands of “mom and pop” distributors and repair shops across the country.

There are over 170 million vehicles on China’s roads, a number which is expected to increase to over 250 million by 2020 when it will equal the vehicle population in the United States. China’s auto aftermarket is already a $125 billion dollar industry, and the auto aftermarket is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.