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JFP Holdings has worked with U.S. and European food, confectionary and dairy companies to bring their products to China, and has developed relationships with many of China’s important agribusiness companies. We have also investigated online sales for U.S. companies that produce nutritional and food products.

China is the biggest consumption story in the world today and will account for approximately 36% of global growth in consumer goods consumption between 2010 and 2020. The country’s economy is rapidly transforming from one that is driven by government spending, heavy industry and exports, to one that is increasingly driven by consumer spending. In nearly every category of food, clothing, consumer electronics and household furnishings, China is now, or will soon be, the largest market in the world.

Two important trends in consumer spending in China are the fast growth of online sales and the growing preference for goods produced overseas. China’s 720 million internet users, the largest in the world, are now spending almost $600 billion per year online, and internet sales are growing at double digit growth rates. The growing incomes of Chinese consumers are also leading many Chinese shoppers to turn to the web to find goods from overseas. This trend has been helped by new government policies that facilitate the purchase of foreign products online.