Energy and Clean Technology

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JFP Holdings has worked with Western solar energy and wind turbine producers, as well as Chinese and Western companies with air and water technologies that can address China’s pollution problems. We view environmental protection and renewable energy as one of the big opportunities in China today.

China’s rapid industrialization has created air and water problems of historic dimensions for the country. It is estimated that poor air quality in Chinese cities is causing respiratory, cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular diseases that contribute to an estimated 1.2 million premature deaths every year. Groundwater supplies in more than 60 percent of China’s major cities have been categorized as “bad to very bad,” and more than a quarter of China’s key rivers have been labelled unfit for human contact. Air and water pollution are reducing China’s ability to sustain its industrial output and produce food and drinkable water for its large population.

China is now spending heavily to clean up its environment, creating opportunities for Chinese and Western companies with relevant technologies and expertise. During China’s 12th Five Year Plan spanning 2011 to 2015, the country invested $770 billion in environmental protection. Over the next five years, China will spend an additional $600 billion—-$275 billion for air and $333 billion for water pollution. In addition, China is spending almost $100 billion on renewable energy, and has overtaken the United States as the world’s leading producer of wind energy.

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