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JFP Holdings has worked with industrial companies from all over the world to bring their advanced manufacturing capabilities to China.

In the country’s 13th Five Year Plan beginning in 2016, one of China’s key objectives is to upgrade its manufacturing capability. Private companies and state-owned enterprises alike are seeking to improve their level of technology, and the country has adopted Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution which embraces contemporary automation, data exchange and new manufacturing technologies to create “Smart” factories, as its model for future development.

Meanwhile, China is entering new industries that will enable the country to develop and manufacture higher value added products. For example, China has recently announced that it will commit $50 billion to the manufacture of aircraft engines. As a result, Chinese companies are seeking advanced manufacturing technologies in areas such as lasers, welding, robotics and specialty materials.

In its role as the world’s factory, China is now evolving from the production of low value added products that rely on cheap labor to the production of high value added products where modern management and manufacturing practices are essential.