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When it comes to China’s auto industry, the experience and network of contacts that we have are unparalleled.

China has been the largest new vehicle market since 2009, and now accounts for over 25% of all of the trucks, buses and passenger cars produced annually in the world. Despite the large size of its auto industry, auto penetration in China is still lower than any developed economy, and annual sales of 40 million vehicles, unimaginable until only a few years ago, are not far away.

Key members of JFP Holdings have been involved with China’s auto industry since its inception in the early 1990’s and are widely recognized as pioneers in its development. JFP Holdings has deep experience and a wide network of contacts in all aspects of autos–including Chinese and international car, truck and bus makers and their suppliers, Chinese government officials and the media. We are also working with the new auto companies that are being created to take advantage of the integration of the internet with the modern passenger car.

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