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Jack Perkowski is a frequent speaker and commentator on the subject of China to the broadcast media, including CNN, CNBC, Fox, BBC, NPR and CCTV, as well as a variety of audiences worldwide: universities, business schools, corporate and industry conferences, and various chapters of the Council on Foreign Relations, Asia Society, YPO and other professional organizations.

JFP Holdings and Jack Perkowski in the news and on the air commenting on a wide variety of China related topics.

January 7, 2021 | Automakers Seek To Integrate — And Localize — Battery Production | Article

Forbes, a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle, posted this article written by Jack Perkowski on the website. The article outlines how it was only a matter of  time before automakers would seek to integrate, and localize, their battery production.

Even though batteries are by far the costliest component in an electric vehicle (EV), automakers have been content to source battery cells and systems from a handful of well-established Japanese and Korean battery companies, and a growing number of upstart Chinese companies—until recently that is. With the prospects for EVs getting rosier by the day, not a week goes by, it seems, without news of yet another battery investment by an automaker. The transformation of the $3.0 trillion global auto industry is now firmly underway, and automakers are spending billions of dollars to catch up.

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November 27, 2020 | Institutional Asset Manager: Global Asset Managers Chase The China Dream | Article

Madeleine Taylor, Editor of Institutional Asset Manager, interviewed Jack Perkowski to discuss his ideas as to the challenges Global Asset Managers might face trying to penetrate the China market. Institutional Asset Manager is one of several specialist newswires covering all asset classes within the institutional investor marketplace published by Global Fund Media, a London based firm founded in 2002.

Legendary ‘Mr China’ investor explains why global asset managers will struggle to crack Chinese market

October 22, 2020 | CGTN: US Companies And Rising US-China Tensions | Video

Liu Xin of The Point, one of the main current affairs programs of CGTN,  formerly CCTV News in Beijing, a prime-time current affairs commentary program on China Central Television’s around-the-clock English news channel, discuss US companies amid rising China-US tensions with Jack Perkowski. 

August 6, 2020 | CGTN: U.S. Targets Chinese Tech Firms – TikTok  | Video

Jack Perkowski is inerviewed on The Point, a popular current affairs program on the China Global Television Network (“CGTN”), about the threat by the U.S. to ban TikTok and the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urging American companies to cut ties with “untrustworthy” Chinese tech companies and apps. 

July 2, 2020 |Interview on CGTN’s, The Point: Huawei and the US Federal Communications Commission| Video

Jack Perkowski is inerviewed on The Point, a popular current affairs program on the China Global Television Network (“CGTN”), about the U.S. Federal Communications Commission”s (“FCC”) official designation of China’s Huawei as a national security threat.   

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October 29, 2019 | CGTN: China’s 70 Years Of Development | Video

Jack Perkowski appears on The Point during their program devoted to the 70th anniversay of the founding of the PRC to discuss China’s development over the last 70 decades.  

On October 1st, the People’s Republic of China celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding in 1949. Over this period, particularly in the 40 years since Deng Xiaoping’s Open Door Policy was announced, over one billion Chinese have been lifted out of poverty, and the country has emerged as the second largest economy in the world. In celebration of the occasion, The Point, a popular weekday prime time opinion show on CGTN hosted by Liu Xin, devoted a special program to this important milestone. CGTN is the international English-language news channel of the China Global Television Network Group.

Jack appeared on the show’s panel, which included Hannah Ryder, CEO of Development Reimagined, a consultancy, and Dr. Yutong Li, Head of the Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. The wide ranging discussion moderated by Liu Xin addressed such questions as:

  • What has China’s development meant for the United States and the rest of the world?
  • What has made China’s development possible?
  • What role has government policy played in the country’s development?
  • How have China’s policies been developed?
  • Looking to the future, what does China need to think about?

Toward the end of the show, the discussion turned to the thorny issue of the current relationship between China and the United States. To provoke a reaction from the panel, Liu Xin said that many fear that the world is being fractured into two camps, and that, in the future, countries may have to pick a side. As the only “American” on the panel, she was interested in his opinion.

Listen in to hear how the panel answered Liu Xin’s questions, as well as what he had to say about the future of the relationship between the world’s two largest economies.

May 21, 2018 | CGTN: China-US Trade Dispute | Video

Jack Perkowski talks on CGTN with Victor Gao, Vice President of the Center For China and Globalization about China-U.S. trade dispute.

Last week, the United States and China announced that they would put their trade dispute on hold while further negotiations take place over the coming weeks. Both countries said they would work together to see how they might reduce the $375 billion trade deficit that the United States has with China. Meanwhile, the tariff increases proposed by both countries have been put on hold.

On Monday, Liu Xin of The Point, one of the main current affairs programs of CGTN, devoted the first half of her program to discussing the status of trade negotiations with Jack Perkowski, Managing Partner of JFP Holdings, and Victor Gao, Vice President of the Center For China and Globalization. Based in Beijing, CGTN (China Global Television Network) is a 24-hour English news channel and part of CCTV (China Central Television). Victor Gao, a Yale Law School graduate, was Deng Xiaoping’s English interpreter in the 1980s.

The interview can be found here.