What Sets JFP Holdings Apart

JFP Holdings is a truly unique company that combines over twenty years of experience operating businesses in China, with significant background and experience in the global financial markets. As a result, we enjoy strong relationships with companies and financial investors from China and around the world.

Western CEO’s: Our on-the-ground operating experience is attractive to Western CEO’s who need to understand the macro trends in China and their industry, but also need to know how to actually get things done in the country.

Chinese CEO’s: Over the years, many Westerners have come to China with grand visions, but have left or retrenched at the first sign of difficulty. Chinese CEO’s respect the fact that we have stood the test of time; have succeeded in their country; and have a long-term commitment to China.

Investors: Whether from China or another part of the world, financial investors like to work with JFP Holdings because they realize that combining operating experience with capital is critical for success in China.