Services for Investors and Financial Firms

Services For Financial Firms

The unique position which JFP Holdings has in China makes us an ideal partner for investors, private equity and venture capital companies and investment banking firms. We welcome formal and informal forms of cooperation with companies involved in the capital markets from all parts of the world.


The unique advisory services offered by JFP Holdings create a proprietary deal flow of investment opportunities that combine the best management, technology and know-how from around the world with the China market. In many cases, our advisory clients are also seeking funding for their operations at home as well as their operations in China.

Private Equity and Venture Companies

Given the size of its economy and market, China factors into the decision making of every private equity and venture capital investor on a daily basis. The potential market opportunities in China, as well as the possible competitive threats from industry newcomers from the country, are important considerations when evaluating candidates for acquisition or investment. Also, an effective China strategy can increase a portfolio company’s value and position it for an exit with Chinese buyers, which are becoming increasingly active in overseas acquisitions.

Chinese companies prefer a step-by-step approach when working with overseas partners. In many cases, a joint venture can be an ideal way to tap into the growth in China, and at the same time establish a relationship with a Chinese partner that may represent a logical acquirer of the business in the future. Chinese companies have cash and are willing to pay for technology as part of a joint venture.

JFP Holdings has an experienced team on the ground that can help private equity and venture capital firms to at every stage of investment.

We are relentless in our commitment to understand a business’s core values and drivers, as well as opportunities for growth and fit with Chinese partners. Our on-the-ground experience enables us to verify key due diligence issues.

Services for Investors and Financial Firms


Investment Banking Firms

China has become such a large market that every company—large or small—needs to consider establishing or expanding a China presence. By working with JFP Holdings, investment banking firms in the United States and Europe can provide their corporate clients with unique, value-added advice with respect to China. By developing and implementing an effective China strategy, a company can improve its growth prospects and substantially enhance its value.

For the private equity and venture capital clients of investment banking firms, Chinese companies represent a new, deep-pocketed source of potential buyers of their portfolio companies, and the sectors most favored by Chinese buyers tend to be their focus areas–advanced manufacturing, automotive, consumer products, healthcare, and TMT.