Managing the Dragon: Demystifying China with Jack Perkowski

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Often referred to as Mr. China, Jack Perkowski is a widely recognized expert on doing business in the country. In this series of podcasts and blog posts about China, Jack provides insights into ongoing developments in the country and how they are impacting the global economy.

Negotiating In China: Jack’s 10 Rules For Success

Based on 25 years of experience negotiating deals in China, Jack describes his “10 Rules For Success” in this podcast, referencing relevant aspects of the current trade negotiations between China Read More

Electric Commercial Vehicles In The U.S.

Despite the Trade War, JFP Holdings is building a substantial business working with ADOMANI, Inc., a California company, to source electric drive trains, neighborhood electric vehicles, trucks, delivery and passenger Read More

Who Pays For Tariffs?

The United States is in a major trade war with China that imposes 25 percent tariffs on $200 billion of goods imported from the country and has just averted a Read More

The U.S.-China Trade War Enters Uncharted Waters

In this podcast, Jack and Doug Perkowski discuss the negative turn that the Trade War has taken recently, and why trade talks between China and the United States are now Read More

Encouraging Signs in China’s Sluggish Auto Industry

China’s vehicle sales declined for the 10th month in a row in March and fell by double digits during the first three months of the year. Despite this gloomy performance, Read More

The U.S.-China Trade War Enters Uncharted Waters

In the five predictions we made for 2019 at the beginning of the year, our first and most important was that the trade war between the United States and China Read More