Managing the Dragon: Demystifying China with Jack Perkowski

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Often referred to as Mr. China, Jack Perkowski is a widely recognized expert on doing business in the country. In this series of podcasts and blog posts about China, Jack provides insights into ongoing developments in the country and how they are impacting the global economy.

2018: A Transition Year for China Autos?

2018: A Transition Year for China Autos? by Jack Perkowski 2018 may be shaping up to be a transition year for China automobiles. It may be the year that marks Read More

The Future of Auto JVs in China

The Future of Auto JVs in China by Jack Perkowski: In June, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and its Ministry of Commerce (MOC) announced that, as of July Read More

Ep. 3 US-China Trade War: Update

Since our first podcast on the subject, the trade dispute between the United States and China has now blossomed into a full-blown Trade War. The Trump Administration has now imposed Read More

Ep. 2 US-China Trade War: Background

In this podcast, Jack discusses the big story in China this year—the country’s trade war with the United States. Jack explains why the world’s two largest economies are now at Read More

Ep. 1 China’s Different Cost Perspective

One of the most important lessons that Jack has learned in over 25 years in China is that the Chinese have a fundamentally different—and lower—cost perspective than someone from a Read More