Managing the Dragon: Demystifying China with Jack Perkowski

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Often referred to as Mr. China, Jack Perkowski is a widely recognized expert on doing business in the country. In this series of podcasts and blog posts about China, Jack provides insights into ongoing developments in the country and how they are impacting the global economy.

The Phase One Trade Deal With China: A Perspective

On Wednesday, the United States and China signed a phase one trade deal that dramatically reduces tensions between the two countries. When the announcement of a limited phase one agreement Read More

JFP Holdings: A Lightning Rod For New Ideas and Technologies

Due to its long history in China, JFP Holdings acts as a lightning rod for new ideas and technologies from China and around the world. In this podcast, Jack discusses Read More

Introduction to our Podcast, Managing The Dragon: Demystifying China

In this podcast, Jack talks about his book Managing The Dragon, describes ASIMCO Technologies, the Beijing-based automotive components company that he founded in 1994, and discusses why he decided to Read More

U.S.-China Trade War: It’s Time For A Change In Strategy

Trade negotiations between the world’s two largest economies are scheduled to resume in September. Despite positive signals at the recent G7 meeting, the legalistic approach taken by the U.S. is Read More

Trade War: Time For A Change in Strategy

The June 29 truce in the trade war between the United States and China lasted just over one month. Thirty-three days after the presidents of the two countries met in Read More

China’s Auto Slump: When Will It End?

Vehicle sales in China slumped for the 12th consecutive month in June, with unit sales of passenger cars and commercial vehicles declining by 9.6% in the month, and 12.4% for Read More