Access to Capital

There is no shortage of capital for good investments in China, but finding the right opportunities can be a challenge. China’s stock markets are largely off-limits to foreign investors; obtaining government approval to buy a significant stake in well-established companies is difficult; and many private companies are unavailable for investment or too small. There is great demand for investment opportunities that combine world-class products, technology, know-how and management practices with the China market.

In addition to our knowledge of how to do business in China, the JFP Holdings team has extensive experience working with investors from around the world with an interest in China. We can help you navigate the China market place and assist with:

  • Gaining access to the capital necessary for you to execute your China strategy.
  • Arranging financing with international private equity and venture capital sources of Capital.
  • Identifying and negotiating with sources of capital within China on behalf of clients.

Compared to twenty years ago, there is now a great deal of capital in China. Over 10,000 private equity, venture capital and specialized M&A funds have been formed in recent years that are eagerly seeking investments in China and outside the country. Many of China’s private companies and state-owned enterprises have accumulated large cash positions and are actively seeking to gain access to new technologies and markets.

Finally, after playing a relatively minor role in China’s development, China’s stock markets in Shanghai or Shenzhen are now playing an increasingly larger role in providing much needed capital to Chinese companies intent on expansion. In addition, Beijing’s Third Board has emerged as a new way for China’s small and medium sized enterprises to raise capital by attracting individual and private equity investors. There are now more companies listed on Beijing’s Third Board than on Shanghai and Shenzhen combined.