Strategic Advisory

Achieving success in China requires tailoring your business model, product or service to meet the country’s unique requirements.

Often, global companies come to China and are content to compete with other, high-price and high-technology products, and do not venture into the purely local market, where quality standards and prices are significantly lower. This can be a fatal mistake. Not only are these companies giving up on a large share of the China market, but future competitors are likely to emerge from this local market. Learning how to compete with the new local competitors that are emerging in China is essential for long-term success.

To help better understand the market for your products, services or technology in China, and to develop an appropriate strategy, JFP Holdings provides the following services:

Market Analysis

  • Analyze size, growth and major trends within the China market.
  • Identify key foreign and local competitors active in the marketplace.
  • Evaluate the competitive advantages and disadvantages of your product, service and technology in the context of China.
  • Identify key customers and channels of distribution.
  • Establish affordability price points.

Strategy Development

  • Recommend an overall sales, service, distribution and manufacturing strategy that is tailored for the China market.
  • Review the alternatives of exporting to China or manufacturing and/or assembling in the country.
  • Evaluate the capital costs required to manufacture and/or assemble in China.
  • Itemize the costs of establishing various types of entities in China, such as a wholly-owned foreign enterprise or a joint venture.
  • Analyze the costs of establishing a sales and service activity in China.
  • Identify potential joint venture or manufacturing partners in China.