Successful implementation requires having the right people on the ground in China. Building a strong local management team is one of the keys to success in the country, but it is also one of the most difficult things to do. China does not have the same legacy of treating management as a science as the more developed countries of the world. As a result, professional, local managers who understand the rules of the global economy are not always easy to find.

The professionals at JFP Holdings have many years of experience operating in China. Our knowledge and network of contacts can augment the efforts of your current managers or help you to build an appropriate management infrastructure if you are new to the country. Alternatively, we can act as your team in China, enabling you to more quickly enter the market and begin executing your strategy.

Some of our implementation services include:

  • Providing clients with an immediate, experienced on-the-ground presence in China through the JFP Holdings team.
  • Working with a client’s existing management team in China to implement the company’s China strategy.
  • Helping to identify and develop a local management team.
  • Seconding managers from JFP Holdings to our clients on an interim basis, as necessary.
  • Establishing the necessary legal entities in China, including securing and outfitting office space.
  • Negotiating joint venture and other agreements on behalf of clients.
  • Establishing manufacturing facilities.
  • Assisting in government relations.
  • Translating marketing material and websites into Chinese.
  • Developing relationships with the Chinese media.
  • Assisting in trade show participation.
  • Developing relationships with customers and relevant government entities.
  • Identifying, developing and monitoring a China supply base.